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Roel Steenbeek en
Lilian Goossens
Koksboomgaard 8
3962 HN Wijk bij Duurstede
The Netherlands
GSM: +31 (0)610 525 900

Ubuntu Bush House
Wielewaal Avenue 2463
Marloth Park
South Africa


In 1986 we went to East Africa to live and work. For us as tropical agronomists this was a logical step. For over 8 years we worked on various Development projects in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, in the last country with our 2 sons. In between we also lived in Southern France for one year. After the last contract in Ethiopia, we permanently returned to the Netherlands. Roel is currently employed in the IT branch, Lilian works as student officer at the Utrecht University.
We have been looking for a second home, but could not decide where it should be. During our holiday in Namibia in 2008 our love for Africa rekindled. By chance, our attention was drawn to Marloth Park. Especially the combination of a "village" with wild animals around the house attracted us. After a few months of research we decided to go to South Africa for a week, this was in November 2009. After visiting many plots and houses we fell for the house which is now called Ubuntu Bush House. Especially the location highly appeals to us. The tranquility, despite being close to the Look-out and the river, and the fact that it is a relatively green area of the park, which attracts many animals, is something we really enjoy. Sitting on the porch there is open bush all around you and you find yourself alone in the world.

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